My name is Mene = Mini

My name is Mene = Mini.

My mom’s name was Mika she was 2 years old, color calico medium hair. weight 8 pounds. I was born on February 20 of the year 2010 with one sibling. I have been spayed and I have a tattoo in my hear 1973ABGX in case! But I don’t go outside and I go  hiding when people come in my house.


My astrological sign is pisces, my Chinese astrology is tiger. My second mom found me on April 19 of the year 2010. At Pet Land. She have waited 1 year to get me. She was very happy.mene12

My mom’s name is SamediSearch (johanne Blouin Bourque) and my dad is James. First day at home 5 weeks old she name me Mene = Mini.


She bought me a lot of toys but I prefer my colored mice.


She bought me a lazer I love this thing!

I was jumping on the cage to see the birds until the day the cage fall on me. I was to heavy.



I love sleeping on my back

mene favorite pose2

mommy comes and kiss my belly, I like that! She kiss me at list 50 times a day, also brush me each day!

My mom speaks french and english it is why for each kiss she tells me something like: mon beau bebe, my little one, mon petit bijou, mon petit coukie, mon beau chouchou, mon petit calou, mon petit palou… mon petit minou…

She also makes me a massage once in a while

little massage

This is my story I have been lucky that my mom find me. She loves me very much.


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