Animation and F/X NEW How to do a Banner Text and F/X With Ulead Gif Animator 5

NEW How to do a Banner Text With Ulead Gif Animator 5
Nouveau comment faire une banniere avec Ulead Animator 5

Click File and click on New, there specifie the size backgroung color and Click OK

Or Click on File click Open Image from your folder

Now! Click on Frame and click on Add Banner Text

A windows will open with different settings:
1: text (SamediSearh)
There Chose your font, color, size you may add shadow
and to center your text,  put your mouse over
until it’s turn black arrow

 2: Effect there you have many choices Scroll left, right, top,bottom, fade, still
My choice Fade and Drop and set the frames at 12

3: Frame Control I have set it at Delay time:10 and Key frame delay at 50
and Distribute to frames

4: Neon If you want a neon around your letter just click on Neon
Direction: Inside, Outsite or both Sides
Width, Glow, Transparency and color
My choice: Text: Black, Neon: White, Outside, Width: 8 and Glow

You may return at any time to make change It’s Done. Click  Preview

If you like it click OK! and select Create as a banner text (recommended)

Clcik on Preview again

Now save Click on File click on Save As, Gif File

Here is a Free Trial Ulead GIF Animator 5

Graphic ©

To view the Animation click on the link:


How to do Video F/X – Click File and Open Image

Clcik on Video F/X
There you have many choice
3D – Build – Clock – F/X – Film – Peel – Push – Roll – Slide – Stretch
Wipe – 2D Mapping – Camera Lens – Darkroom – Nature Painting
Special and About Video F/X
Try many as you want Clcik on Preview if you don’t like them
click on Edit and Undo. Have Fun

My choice: Film – Turn Page Film

In Add Effects you have to set the Frames, Delay Time….Click OK

Click on Preview

If finish clcik on File and Save As a Gif  File

Graphic ©

To view the Animation click on the link:

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