Animation Graphics Screenshots How to do an Animation Microsoft GIF Animator Freeware

 Microsoft GIF Animator. With this tool you can use any .GIF file
or any image you can copy to the Clipboard as part of an animation.
You can create or modify an animation then save it for use in your web
browser or other applications. You can add as many images to an
animation as your computer memory allows. The GIF Animator contains
a toolbar, an animation (frames) display column, a scroll bar, and three tabs;
the Options tab when you open GIF Animator, and also the Animation,
and Image tabs once you open a file. Download MS GIF Animator (FREEWARE) intall it!

How to do an Animation.
Your graphic or picture has to be in GIF format
If you don’t have a gif format , Right click mouse on your graphic open with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

Now do a screen shot on your keyboard you should have a key to do so.

If you have a software to edit your graphic open it and pass it there.
Ctrl – V or click right on your mouse and click pass.

If you don’ t have a software you can use Paint. Crop it and Save As a Gif Format example Sam animation1.gif

Where is Paint? Click Start – All Programs – Accessories – click on Paint a window will open and pass it there.

First open Microsoft Gif Animator
Click on the open yellow folder (Open Ctrl+O)
Options: Choice of graphics, a folder will open and add your graphics
one by one insert (Ctrl+l) graphic

Animation: Click on Looping

Animation: Click on Repeat Forever

Image: Duration (1/1000s) the more you add the more it’s slow the Animation. it is better!

Uncheck the little sqare Transparency

for example mine have a black background if I set transparency it will be white so I have uncheck Transparency.
Click on each image to set the Duration, I set them all at 25

Now to see the animation click on the right arrow (Preview)
just before the interrogation point

if I set transparency the background will be white

If you are ok with the preview click on Save As (Ctrl+A) in Gif Format!
Have fun! If you need more help just send me an email.
Best Regrds SamediSearch

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