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Neutralizing a spell

You can lessen the effects of a spell cast on
you by a witch by tossing a handful of dry
apple seeds over your left shoulder…with your right
hand on a cloudless night when the moon is full.
Secrets: Apple seeds are very precious, keep them

2018 Today the same bottle and more apple’ s seeds

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Neutralizing a spell
You can lessen the effects of a spell cast on
you by a witch by tossing a handful of dry
apple seeds over your left shoulder…with your right
hand on a cloudless night when the moon is full.
Secrets: Apple seeds are very precious, keep them

The answer Feather
Seeking answer, pick the feather you are
attracted to and keep it with you thoughout
the day. Your answer will be clear within
the next day. Thank the feather
and release it back to Mother Earth, or Cleanse
in the moonlight and use it for another question

Haida’ s beleive that Moonshell bring good luck and happiness to home!

Enlarge the middle with a pin!
Find 5 SAND DOLLARS during my visit on Vacouver Island Nanaimo

Sweetgrass is one of the four original
medicine plants given by The Creator to
the First Nations People. Often referred
to as the hair of our Mother Earth.
Sweetgrass shases away all the negative energy,
feelings and emotions.
Sweetgrass invites the good spirits.

To Smudge
It is customary to remove any metal, jewellery
and glasses prior to smudging. Cut 1/2 ” of the
sweetgrass braid and burn it in a large clam
shell. earthenware bowl or in a fire during
periods of prayer and meditation. Wash the smoke
over eyes, ears, mouth, hands, back, heart and
body for purification, balancing of
body, mind and spirit.

Guatemala worry dolls
According to the legend Guatemalan children
tell one worry to each doll when they go to bed
at night and place the dolls under their pillow.
In the morning the dolls have taken their worries away

Worry Stone
Hand crafted onyx & marble
Just rub it and all your worries will disappear

Dream Catchers
As the legend goes, the dream catcher was
used by the Woodland Indians and was hung
in the lodge. Its use was to catch all dreams,
good or bad. The bad dreams would get caught
up in the webbing and be held there till
first morning light, then burned off.
The good dreams, knowing their way to
the hole in the center, would filter
down into the feathers and be held
there, only to return another night,
to be dreamed. May you always have good dreams.
Good Luck Charms
If your salt shakers are full on New Year’s
Day, you will have an abundance of food
in your house the rest of the year.
Spilled salt!
If you spill salt at the table, you will have
bad luck for thirty days. You can offset this
to some degree by taking a pinch of the
spilled salt with the thumb and forefinger
of the right hand and tossing it over your
left shoulder
After the wishbone of the bird for that was cooked
Thankgiving or Christmas Dinner, is dry,
two people can each hold an end of it
and pull until the bone snaps in two.
The person who is left with the larger
piece will be granted a wish it will not come
true if he tells anyone what the wish is.
Legend of the crow
The admirable secrecy’s of Natural Magic
of The Grand-Albert and The Petit-Albert.
The Crow is known of everyone has
properties marvellous. If we cook its
eggs and after gives them in the nest
where they will have been taken,
at once the crow goes in an island
or Alodrieus was buried, and a stone
brings from there with which, concerning
its eggs, it makes them return
in the same state were before, which
is completely surprising. If one puts
this stone at a ring with a sheet of bay leave,
and someone touches some which will
be connected, or unlock of carries
closed, at once the chains will
be brakes and the door will open.
That, if one puts this stone in the mouth.
one counterfeits the song of all birds kinds.

If three crows fly over your house, someone very close to you will die within a year.

Friday storms
If it storms on Fridy, there is an excellent
chance that it will storm again before Monday.
Bluebird for happiness
If a bluebird flies into your
house or if one builds its nest
on your property, you will have
an unexpected stroke of good
luck a short time later.
When your ears burn
Whenever your ears burn, it is a sign that
someone is talking about you. If it is the
left ear that is affected, the person is
speaking ill of you, but if it is the right
ear, he is praising you.
The hummingbird magical creature
The hummingbird also is a common totem animal. Many people develop a mysterious bond with this tiny creature.
In many traditional cultures of the western world the hummingbird has powerful religious and spiritual significance.
In the high Andes of South America, for example, the hummingbird is taken to be a symbol of resurrection.
This is because each hummer becomes lifeless and seems to die on cold nights, but it comes back to life
again when the miraculous sunrise brings warmth.
Since pre-Conquest times the hummingbird has been considered by many Middle American
[Central America] peoples to have supernatural powers. Today it is esteemed by many as a love charm.
A dead hummingbird may be worn around the neck in a little bag, to give the wearer the power to attract
members of the opposite sex, or it may be dried and a little powder dropped into the drink of the person
whose love is desired.”
Soul Stone from: Royal Tyrrell Museum
Choose one that catches your interest,
hold it tight in your hand or close to your heart,
bury it with a special wish in mind,
or pass it on to a friend.
Whatever your desire, let it’s essence and spirit inspire your soul.
The Legend of The circle of Friends
Since the beginning of time, friendship
has been the most important relationship
that man has experienced.
Ancient man used to gather around a new fire
and celebrate peace and
brotherhood among the Tribes.
The legend tells that if you give a Cicle
of friends to a person you care for, your bonds
of friendship will endure forever.
It was once customary sailors to get tattooed
for with various good  luck symbols to ward off evil,
and insure that all their voyages would betrouble free.
Black cats and witch
Anyone who owns a black cat will be blessed
with good luck for as long as the cat remains alive
and in his possession. ( Will See! )
Cat washing is face
If a cat washes its face before breakfast, it will rain
sometime during the day.
The new moon
If you see the new moon for the first time through
a window pane, you will have 30 days of bad luck.
It is said, if you see …a spider at:
Morning: Sorrow, Morose
After: Surprise, gift.
Noon : Care, Solicitude, Anxiety
Night: Hope, Expectation

If a cow moos after midnight, someone in her owner’s immediate family will soon die.

If a bat flies into your house, a very close friend will soon die.

If a dog howls after midnight, someone in the imm/diate neighborhood will soon die.

If someone accidentally places three chairs in a row, a close relative of his will soon die.

If a cricket chirps in your house, someone ine the immediate family will sone die.

Sick person
If a sick person is moved from one room to another for any reason, he will soon die.

Funeral procession
If someone counts the vehicules in a funeral
procession or points his finger at any of them,
someone in this family will die before a year has passed.

If anyone holds an open imbrella over his head in
the house, a close relative will die within six months.

Divine Sneeze
Sneeze was also common among sufferers
of the bulonic plague during the Middle Ages in
Europe, and so the custom if blessing the sneezer
continues to this day as a worthy precaution.
If you sneeze on Monday, you sneeze for danger.
sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger.
sneeze on Wednesday, sneeze for the letter
sneeze on Thursday, something better.
sneeze on Friday, sneeze for sorrow.
sneeze on Saturday, see your sweetheart tomorrow.
sneeze on Sunday, and the devil will have domination over you all week.
Friday the 13 th.    Clock and mirror
You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock and
you notice that it’s Friday the 13th!
You’ re immediately in trouble.
This could be the unluckiest day of the year,
so you get out of the bed on the wrong side and bump into the wall!
You stagger into your bathroom to look into
the mirror and find that it has fallen to the floor and shattered.
Seven year of continuous bad luck begin today.
Friday the 13th was right. It really is your unlucky day, but it’ s not over yet.
Bad Luck Omen
If you put thirteen pieces of the same food
on one plate, you will have bad luck for
the rest of the day.
Rain on the fourth of July
If it rains on the fourth of July, the rest
of the summer will be nuch wetter and colder
than usual.
Happy the Bride…
It will be a happy marriage if the sun
shines any time during the day of the wedding.
Marriage and Death
If the groom falls asleep before the bride
on the wedding night, he will die before she does.
Breaking an engagement
If you give your fiance an umbrella for
her birthday, your engagement will be
broken before long, and you will never marry her.
Totem Stones Animal Name and Properties
Below Inspired by the art hieroglyphic Amerindian,
these stones have the properties of cure and spirituality.
The carrier of the stone can use its positive
energy for created a swinging in its own life…
Crow – Intelligence
Bear – Protection
Turtle – Health
Mouse – Message
Whale – Power
Ram – Force
Spider – Chance
Rabit – Peace
Bison – Prosperity
Eagle – Communication
Wolf – Endurance
Goat – Power
Bat – Assiduity
Dolphin – Guide
Horse – Prosperity
Snake – Intelligence
Frog – Happiness
Deer – Wisdom

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